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Room Dimensions:
(It is assumed that this room will attach to your home or existing structure.)
(Projection away from the house)
(Across the front)
Patio Sun Room Walls: Right Side
Left Side
No Sides
All Glass Roof Option (No Overhang Available): Cathedral
Curved Eave
Straight Eave
7/8" Insulated Tempered
Single Pane Tempered
Frame Color: White
Window Frame Color: White
Roof Glass Options (Tempered Glass Standard): Clear
Argon Gas
Roof Exhaust Fan (For Glass Roof Only):
(Thermostatically controlled and includes thermostat.) Qty:
Patio Sun Room Roof (Available in white only):
Do not check if you already checked a glass roof option.
No Roof Required
3" Aluminum Panel
3" OSB/Aluminum Panel
6" Aluminum Panel
6" OSB/Aluminum Panel
Roof Style: Cathedral Studio
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Skylights: Yes
Solid Roof Overhang Required: Yes
Walls: White
2 5/8" Vinyl Extrusions with Extruded Aluminum Reinforcements
Insulated Vinyl Patio Door Walls
Oak Clad Wood Wall with Sliding Vinyl Windows (must sit on a kneewall)
Windows and Glazing:
5/8" Insulated Windows; slide only
from right to left from inside room
Tempered Glass
Bronze Tint
LowE Glass
Argon Gas
Krypton Gas
Doors: No Doors Required
Full View In-Swing Door: Hinge Left Hinge Right Qty:
Insulated Sliding Door: Includes Keylock Qty:
Floor Required:
Floors: No Floor Required 6" Thick White Insulated Floor
Floor Color: White Almond
Size: Width: (4' increments only)
Length: (up to 20' beams required)
Kneewall (24" Standard):
These are the sections below
the sliding windows
Glass Solid Panel
Trapezoids: (For Cathedral rooms
or high eave heights
Glass Solid Panel

Note 1: The Kneewall is the kicker panel that is below the sliding glass windows. By selecting a kneewall size, you are selecting how much panel you wou like below the window.

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Foam Roof Sunrooms
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Wall (inches) Wall (inches) Wall (inches)
Doors Doors Doors
Quantity Type Quantity Type Quantity Type
Height   Height
Front Rear   Front Rear

Place measurements only in the fields corresponding to the roof style you picked under the roof category.

gable roof studio roof double pitch roof
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Eave Height 1
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Eave Height 1
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