Let the sun shine in.™
Sun Room Designs, inc.
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Sun Room Designs, Inc. is your premiere wholesale manufacturer of sun rooms. All of our enclosures make perfect additions to your home and "Let The Sun Shine In!"™ They add a new dimension to your life, bringing the great outdoors to you in a controlled environment.

We pride ourselves on the quality of our workmanship and the ingenuity of our designs. All of our sun rooms are engineered for a precise, weather-tight fit and are manufactured with the finest materials. We have many exclusive patents on our sun room kits that separate us from the rest of the industry. We are the only manufacturer in the sun room industry that has our patented wood cladding process, definitely a Sun Room Designs, Inc. exclusive. Regardless of the design, our quality will never vary.

We manufacture many styles of sun rooms. They can be shipped directly to your job site with an installation manual included. We offer a full line of sun rooms to fit your needs and budget.

Why are our rooms a great value?

  1. Sun Room Designs, Inc. is committed to providing personal service in design and manufacturing.
  2. Adding a sun room to your home will only increase its value.
  3. A glass sun room or patio sun room adds valuable living space to your home.

If you are a contractor interested in selling our sun rooms, please look at the dealer opportunities form. Dealership is available nationwide.