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Glass Sun Rooms

Our glass sun rooms set the standard for the industry and these are the rooms that did it. If you are ready for a fully insulated room made to the highest standards, this is it. These sun rooms will add a new dimension to both your home and your lifestyle. Enjoy the changing seasons, drifting clouds, and star-filled nights while you entertain or just relax in your sun room.

Our wood clad sun room, with its attention to detail, has an elegant and traditional look. It's a craftsman's dream come true and only Sun Room Designs, Inc. brings you this one. Using our patented process we clad 3/4" of Pennsylvania oak (or your choice of woods) to the interior surfaces. It's the beauty of wood combined with the structural stability of aluminum. Naturally beautiful.

Our finished aluminum beam style presents a more contemporary and understated look. Both beam styles are offered in either a curved or straight eave design.

Check out our sun rooms in more depth by visiting our architectural details and image gallery pages. Then choose a model by looking at the model page listed below for your preferred style:

Once you have selected a model, you can receive a price quote by filling out our glass sun rooms quote form and submitting it electronically. Your quote will be sent to you via email.

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